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Suzanne Arlom

Naturopath and practitioner of complementary medicine for regenerative therapies

Founder of
arlomed® multifunctional pain therapy
Ästhetik First Lounge® Skin regeneration and aesthetic wrinkle treatments


Circle of competence

Know your circle of competence and stay within. It is not so terribly important how big that circle is. But it is terribly important to know it´s borderline.

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|  US-Investor



Multifunctional pain therapy

Pain, every single day and night - for more than two years. My own experience has inspired me to develop arlomed®, a multifunctional pain therapy. arlomed® combines several different treatment approaches.

Over two years I consulted doctors, took strong pain killers and tried all kinds of therapies. But nothing really helped to get rid of the horrible pain in my shoulder. I was devastated and could hardly function in real life. My only goal at the time was, to be able to live without pain again one day.

My findings: I really had to get to know my body and develop awareness for it in order to understand and feel how chronic pain starts. This is the basis and the key to a life without pain. A competent and experienced therapist identifies and detects the causes and guides her patients step by step out of the labyrinth of pain. The more the patient knows, understands and feels, the better are the chances to live a life without pain again.

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Ästhetik First Lounge®

Skin regeneration and aesthetic wrinkle treatments

To enjoy, cherish and keep the good sides of life.

It is only human that men and women want to maintain their natural beauty as long as possible. This is not vanity: Most of us want to look as good as we feel. We do not want to look tired and worn out, just because we are aging. This makes aesthetic treatments a matter of self respect. And a matter of how we want to perceive ourselves and want to be perceived by others.

My aim is to maintain natural beauty gently yet effectively.

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Sharing the knowledge

In cooperation with Q-Med/Galderma (producer of Restylane® Hyaluronic acid) I am teaching doctors and naturopaths in the art of wrinkle treatments. The participants of beginner- and masterclasses get to know state of the art injection technics and the latest in modern anti-aging treatments based on hyaluronic acid.